Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Renny's Way

Renny’s Way ~ Darla Reynolds

What does it mean, “Renny’s Way”
It’s just about how you live, everyday
Day by day, Stephen made choices
This spoke volumes more than voices

During homecoming, he didn’t roam
Stephen chose to always stay home
Though, pranks were done to him in fun
He did not want to, do that to anyone

Stephen was proud to be a Willmar Card
Showed by his dedication and working hard
Renny constantly gave one hundred percent
Willmar High School, he was honored to represent

Renny truly enjoyed his high school years
Never gave in to pressure from his peers
Not saying that Stephen was perfect
Teen temptations, he chose to reject

Quiet young man, who appeared to be shy
A contagious smile and sparkle in his eye
Helping others, he was just being a good guy
Many family and friends, knew they could rely

Determination and being strong willed
Part of his character, which was instilled
Once there’s a decision that he made
Changing his mind, one couldn’t persuade

Times raising a child is like throwing dice
Love them, nurture them and give them advice
There are many things, a parent must provide
Throughout their lives, we just try to guide

When they grow up and become part of a crowd
Hope they make positive choices, that we’d be proud
It’s not just good parenting, like many have said
“Renny’s Way” is just the life that Stephen led