Friday, May 29, 2015

Today we celebrate!

Today we celebrate Alex Reynold's high school graduation at our home. We will have many guests coming to wish Alex best of luck in his next step at the University of Minnesota and to congratulate him on his successes at the Willmar Senior High School. Today is Alex's day! He wanted his celebration in our garage just as his brother Anthony and Stephen had theirs. He wanted a luau themed party because Hawaii has always been an important part of his life. For the past 5 years we have left our garage mostly untouched since Stephens graduation. Almost like a shrine his hockey posters and school work has hung for 5 years. The reason being when his mother started to take down the decorations Stephen joked, "just leave those up until Alex graduates"! Well we lived up to his wishes and we finally have taken them down and replaced them with everything Alex! As we have started to set the house up and prepare for this day we have been under the keen eye of a cardinal! The cardinal sits in the tree and chirps at us also he has been on our deck and patio table. He is never to far away from the action. So that does make us wonder, is this a sign from Stephen letting us know that he fine and wants to be a part of the celebration as well. We only hope that is the case and he is always welcome!
Congratulations Alex, best of luck in your future.

Monday, May 18, 2015

A visitor came calling

 First off, I cannot believe that is has been almost 2 years since I have posted in this blog. Life has been very busy since last posting. We are about ready to have our 4th annual Stephen Reynolds Memorial Disc Golf  Tournament on June 6th. This even is still very popular and helps raise money for The Stephen Reynolds Foundation. Stephens little brother Alex graduates on the 31st of May so life has been very hectic around the Reynolds household these past few weeks. While all of this is going on a visitor came calling this morning. About 5:00 this morning as I was just starting to wake up I had a very vivid dream that caught my attention. I was looking down a hallway and I saw a figure in a white tee shirt and I yelled at the figure to get their attention (In my dream) and then all of a sudden the face came in to focus and it was Stephen. I reached out to hug him saying his name and it was almost like I could feel him. His presence was with me. He had that unforgettable smile and I asked him how he was doing and to which he replied "fine"! I asked him why did he leave us to which he answered he was needed elsewhere, and it was out of his hands. So I then asked him what is it he does and he answered "saves people"! I then told him not to leave and wait until I get his mother and just like that he was gone. The interaction seemed so very real and it was over in a flash. Maybe he wanted to check in on us to see how we all our doing and check on his brother and watching over us.
Stephen is always on our mind and this is the most vivid interaction I have had with him. I have had dreams that take me back to a past time, like a birthday party or a hockey game. But this dream was here and now in present day. It was good for my soul to experience this especially at this time when we award scholarships in his name and have his disc golf event. I hope that I can visit with him more often in the future because I miss him so much. He looked just like the last time I saw him, healthy and smiling.
So one never knows, we are always surrounded by Saints! I know am.