Thursday, November 29, 2012

Remembering Stephen ~ By Darla Reynolds

As we look back, over this past year
Stephen James Reynolds was always near
When I go out for a walk and I find a penny
I felt it was heaven sent, direct from Renny

It’s been called the year of “Firsts”
Times I hear it, I just want to burst
The “New Normal” it’s also been said
Those two words, I have grown to dread

Now, I am I called an “Angel Mom”
Wanting to hold his hand in my palm
As a little boy, my clothes he would tug
Oh, how I wish I could just have one more hug

“You don’t know if you don’t ask”, he’d always say
With his infectious smile, he’d usually get his way
When arguing, saying “whatevers”, he preferred
Every time I’d use it, his said it’s not a real word

We didn’t know that on Thanksgiving 2011
Our last Holiday, before he went to heaven
Gathering for turkey, potatoes, gravy and dressing
Realizing now, that time spent was such a blessing

As I get older, I hope my memory doesn’t turn hazy
I want to remember, all the things he did that drove me crazy
In our minds, we have a wonderful Stephen pictorial
Continuing work on the Stephen Reynolds Memorial

Am I selfish? Stephen’s life was just too brief
Never thought, I could feel such pain and grief
I am realistic, knowing that this was God plan
I pray and hope, that someday we will understand

As the world keeps turning and you go on living your lives
College, careers, children with your husbands and wives
One thing our family asks the Willmar Class of 2010
Remember Stephen Reynolds your classmate and friend
This is from Stephens journal that that he wrote in 9th grade.

If I were to die tomorrow, people would say that I was a good and honest guy that cared for other people. Some people would say those things and others would say bad things and mean things. The people that say good things about me are probably the people that I care for. The people that said bad things about me are probably people I do not care for. What I would want people to say about me is that I am cool, nice, and honest kid and that I care for other people. People would also say that I would never have wanted to die and that I would do anything to be alive.
Here's another journal entry that Stephen wrote in 9th grade.

In ten years I plan to be done with college. I plan on having a beautiful wife and a very nice house to live in. As for what I want to do for a living, I would like to be a teacher for Physical Education or Geography. I would also want to be an assistant Varsity Soccer Coach and a head Varsity Hockey Coach. I would want to be teacher
and coach in a nice town with cool and and respectful people. I want to teach and coach so they get smarter and better at learning and sports. I also plan to have kids in the future. I hope that my kids will play soccer and hockey and maybe I could coach them someday. The kind of town or city I would like to do my job in would hopefully be a town or city as big as Willmar or just a little smaller or a little bigger. I would also like to teach for one town not a whole bunch of towns, just one town. A town that has a great community and place where my children can meet good and nice friends. I would like to do all of this for twenty or more years, and work with other teachers in a great school that gives you a lot of respect. I would do this for whatever school district gives me the best offer and do my best at whatever the school district wants me to do. That is what I would like to do in ten years or more.
By Stephen Reynolds

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's been a year since you left the ones you love.
It's been a year that yo
u've been looking down on us from up above.
It's been a year of constant reminder that you're not here.
It's been a year of memories, sorrow and fear.
It's been a year since that horrible night.
It's been a year from when you walked into the light.
It's been a year where we've had to be strong everyday.
It's been a year of unspoken words we've needed to say.
It's been a year since we've had to say goodbye.
Where is the good in goodbye when all we do is cry?
It's been a year that has changed all our days.
It's been a year, and we've grown strong in so many ways.
It's been a year where we know you're in a better place.
It's been a year, and we still haven't forgotten your face.
It's been a year of just imagining what it's like up there.
It's been a year since he took you, it just seems so unfair.
It's been a year, but we know you're doing alright.
It's been a year of only seeing you in our dreams at night.
It's been a year, and we want you to know that we love you,
And no matter how much time separates us, our hearts remain true.

It's been a year.